We can’t do this alone. Voidstarter can only happen when we partner with the right organisations and when we have a community that are willing to work with us.

There is no one organisation that has full responsibility for void properties and youth unemployment. This means we have to work with and through lots of organisations to make Voidstarter happen. It is also important to know that organisation differ depending on the area of the city Voidstarter is running.

One of our key partners will be the local community as we plan to co-design the Voidstarter project with them. The project will also involve partnership working with local authorities, housing associations, private contractors and tradespeople, youth groups and youth services, volunteer mentors.

There is no point doing something if you don’t understand the impact. We aim to use evaluation as way to make what we do better.

We will ensure that the activities young people engage in do not (or are not perceived to) constitute cheap labour. We will also ensure that the Voidstarter project does not lead to job displacement i.e. the people in training doing jobs that might have otherwise been done by professional workers

The outcomes of Voidstarter include:
New skills and knowledge among participants
Improved job prospects of participants
New enterprises (including new social enterprises)
Improved urban environment for local communities
New perspectives and approaches to delivering training among service providers